water and sewer facilities

water and sewer 2

Develop an understanding of the installations in a building, participate in the process of managing the quality and control, make analysis, evaluate and efficiency certificates and sustainability studies in a construction. Apply this knowledge to design and calculation, where I develop the necessary tools for the design and calculation for all the installation in a specific project.

Knowledge of the evaluation of the environmental impact of the processes of
construction and demolition, of sustainability in building, and of the procedures and
techniques to evaluate the energy efficiency of buildings.
Ability to apply the specific legislation on facilities to the process of edification.
Ability to develop building facilities, control and plan their execution and verify the services, as well as as their maintenance. Ethics and sustainability

1. Represent and visually recognize the facilities present in a construction.
2. Apply the physical concepts to the building facilities.
3. Calculate, design, integrate into buildings and run these facilities.
4. Understanding the problems related to the installations.
5. Design the requirements of users of a building.
6. Ability to apply technical and constructive standards.
7. Knowledge of sustainability and conservation principles of energy sources.


Plans and Calculation:

plan 1

plan 2

plan 3

plan 4

plan 5

waste water




PROJECT DONE AT polytechnical University of cartagena